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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Bill Quickel's - Insurance Plus Agencies Inc.

26 Reviews | Leave a Review

Yes we do all we can to help our customers get the Best for their money.  If you want to compare your insurance coverage with our Top Rated companies call us or stop in.

 Quotes are Free! But we do need your current information - You want all the discounts you deserve - don't you!

Call 740-992-6677 or Stop in @ Bill Quickel's - Insurance Plus Agencies Inc.  114 Court Street, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769  

Bill, Doug & Carol - here to guide you. 

Now I am convinced there is a real difference.  Called Bill about Flood coverage for our business.  I missed the bill on our current flood policy and it lapsed.   Have other business with them so thought why not let them give me a price - Saved several thousand dollars on our flood coverage - even found out the agent I had it with had it miss rated and would have been less to start with.  So that did not make me happy!!

Really give them a call for your commercial insurance. 

We have had out business insurance with Bill for several years.  This year we had to switch our coverage - he made it very quick and simple - other than having to pay money!  

We had a vacant dwelling -  they tried every company most of which I never heard of - alas they were unable to find coverage.  I really do appreciate the time and effort spent.  They still report back on their continuing effort to find coverage.   

We have had our Business Insurance with the same office for years and yes they did a good job for us - answered questions all that stuff.  Then one day we needed a new Bond for the business and I thought I should just check around.  Well Bill asked me a lot of questions and said he would call me back and within an hour we had the bond taken care of.  In that conversation he asked about our business insurance so I after awhile I let him look at what we had.  Mercy - they gave us better coverage, talked about some new ideas and saved our business $2,000.  That is money in our pocket - not the insurance company.  

Geico for the last ten years and when Doug told me that I would save over $ 300 and get this - better liability limits better uninsured limits ADDED Medical payments ( which Geico did not tell me about ) I had it on my prior policy and best of all Doug explained what those coverages were and I other things I not know that!  So I did need an agent and still saved BIG money!  Also heard even Geico has agents now - guess you even now they think a company person is important.

Looking at buying a house on the Ohio River.  Called Bill to find out about Flood insurance since he has the FEMA recommendation.  Discussed purchase, location, how the home is built and after some thoughts from him decided it might not be the best plan. He did say that he wanted my business but did not want me to get caught up in a purchase I might regret.   I really do appreciate it-  even though I was not his current customer - When I do decide on a new place I assured him I would call. 

OMG - could not believe I could save money on flood insurance but Bill did it.  And just to make it even better when Doug quoted my Auto (Progressive) and my Home (Max) - they saved me even more money along with really improving my coverage.  

Thank you,  
Kathy S. 

As a New Contractor - we wanted to take the next step and do some commercial work.  After talking to Bill we found we could get an affordable rate on Bid / Contract Bonds without alot of hassle.

Thanks to him we are finishing our first bonded project - he made it so easy.  
Looking for the next project we can work on. 

We had insurance with ESurance but when we stopped in to talk to Doug he was able to give us better insurance.  

After being with "The General" for years I decided to just check around and see if I could do any better.  Called Doug at Bill Quickel -  Insurance Plus and I about did a back flip.  Yep in a direct comparison with what I had they were able to cut my rate in HALF!   Yes I am excited!    Thanks Guys. 

Thank you for getting me coverage for my Soap making enterprise.  Figured we could just add it to our home insurance - but since I sell at bazaars and school functions never thought about it.  
Thanks so much for finding the proper coverage and what a great price. 

WOW is all I can keep saying - after we called in our loss  - you guys just took such good care of getting the company  and the cleanup.  Who would have thought that a storm could have lead to that many problems.  Water everywhere.  The restoration company came in and just did a wonderful job.  Our Bath room and Bed room are better than ever.  And the company never left any mess for us to bother with.    

Thanks  Bill, Carol & Doug     

Flood Insurance - oh my gosh!   I had no idea it was getting that expensive and worse I had to have Flood insurance to close on our new home.  Bill told me all the things about flood insurance - bummer it's not covered on our new home policy.  But he was able to save us money and get the job done on time.    BTW did not have to move the closing date and found us better homeowners insurance.  

Having worked for a Big General contractor for several years I felt the need to go out on my own.  Starting a new Contracting business creates a lot of questions one of which - what is the correct insurance coverage to start with. You hear all kinds of numbers.    Bill discussed with me what I was looking for - what I needed and most important what I could afford.  Showed me several company proposals and gave me the choice I was looking for.  Really came under the figure I thought I would have to pay. 
Also came up with a "good" rate for Bid & Contract Bonding.  
Thanks for your time.

Just to add to it.  Got the job and looking forward to many more. 

I hate Medicare and all the mail I get from every company offering Medicare supplements just drove me crazy.  You should see the pile of junk from them.
Carol made it all make sense and gave me the choices I could feel comfortable with.  Thank you Carol.  
Becky L.   

Just a followup - Everything has proceeded well and Carol has advised me on some other coverages.  

Over the last ten years - we can say we have been well informed about our insurance.  Through claims and just general questions you guys have done the job.  Thank you for your efforts.  Now that we are retiring to Florida we are still looking for that same level of service. 

Dwight H.         

We had bought a life policy on myself and my wife. Just to take care of any final expenses we might have had.   Little did I know that after my wife got cancer that after her passing how many little bills there were. 
When Bill delivered the Life Insurance check - they added interest and refunded the unused premium.   Bill advised me to only pay what needed paid at the time and sit on the rest till I time to figure what else I needed to do.
Thanks to the crew at Insurance Plus

Thomas M.

When I got the bill for our Lodges insurance some coverage had been added that I did not believe we needed.  Rather than call our current agent I called a friend at Insurance Plus who reviewed the current policy and found several areas of coverage that was lacking as well as some additional insureds that should have been on the policy.  
In the end we switched to Insurance Plus - got the coverage we needed and at a price that saved the Lodge a few bucks. 

Danny W.

At the age of 75 I just thought that having Medicare coverage was enough.  I had a supplement from my work many years back.  Talking with Carol I found out that I could really save some money and get the better coverage I need. 

BTW - Rutland High has a Great Alumni.

George J.     

We have had our Auto and Farm with Bill, Doug & Carol for the past 11 years and I am so excited.  In our last policy review we were able to add some farm equipment that we just purchased and saved over $600 from what the finance company wanted to charge us each year. 
Thank you so much for looking out for us.
Dave C.

We were looking for coverage for our Grand daughters new home.  She had to have Flood Coverage and when we called the other insurance offices we just could not believe how how flood insurance is.  The folks at Insurance Plus were able to put a package together that she could afford. 
Thanks so much.

Tim McDaniel said:
I have to commend Bill Quickel. One phone call and my insurance questions after the storm answered in a quick and professional manner. Thank you Bill, I appreciate it very much. More answers from you in one call than the many I tried to get from,well,I wont say which company but you can guess, lol
Tim M. 

" We have had our insurance with your office for over twenty years. Your office has always been the place to get answers to our questions. We have checked other companies but they just didn't seem to care about us - you take your time to explain things. Just don't think we could go anywhere else."      Kathy P., Pomeroy, OH

I am busy with my roof that went "on to a better place". Doug & Bill walked me through what I neeeded to do, but I never expected, after turning my contractor's estimate in that it would be settled within a week!

I thought you needed to know what a great team you have!

They also always return my calls. I'm very pleased with Insurance Plus Agency

Sharlee W. - Athens, Oh

Twenty years ago we lived in Middleport and we received a letter stating our home insurance had been cancelled by one of the big national carriers due to location. We could keep our Auto but they would not keep out home.
Showing the letter to our neighbor he told us he had insurance with Bill Quickel.  We called him - he inspected our home and said there was nothing wrong with the location or the condition of our home.
So here we are 20 years later and still with the same agent. 
We have been very satisfied and tell other people about how good of services we have received by them.
Diana A. - Rutland, Oh. 

Update 2013 - After the loss of my husband their office did everything to help me rework my insurance.   Doug even came over to help me move to a new home. 
Thank you.

I like coming in and dealing with someone face to face. If I have questions I can always come in the office and sit down and you will give me the answer. You keep me straight and I like that. 
We don't even need to talk about my insurance - just a nice place to visit

Charlie B.

Bill Quickel's - Insurance Plus Agencies Inc. received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 26 reviews on
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